How We Started

My name is Gregg Maggioli, and along with my wife Sandy, we founded the Maggioli Families First Foundation. Children with special needs hold a special place in our hearts because we have a son, Victor, who was diagnosed with autism in 2003. As parents of a special needs child, we understand the challenges and frustrations of feeling helpless and isolated.

Fortunately, we were able to access a wonderful center that offered ABA therapy in Carmel, Indiana, which made a significant difference in Victor’s life. Sandy and I volunteered at the center for eight years, during which time it grew from serving four children to over 40 children in two locations.

Mishawaka is my hometown where I grew up. When I noticed that the Michiana area lacked a similar center, my wife Sandy and I decided to offer children in the area the same opportunities that our son had received. Therefore, we founded and operated Lighthouse Autism Center for over 10 years, during which we met many families struggling to provide their special needs children with the crucial services, therapy, and equipment they need.

These families inspired us to establish the Maggioli Families First Foundation in 2015. Through the foundation, we aim to provide hope to families by offering aid and assistance to all families with special needs children.